How RufUs Helps the Homeless

Homelessness can & does happen to anyone

Anyone can fall victim to homelessness. For example, victims of domestic violence, the unemployed, mental disability as well as other reasons too numerous to mention.

RufUs works closely with many other charities/organizations that find housing accommodation for their clients. RufUs fits out the dwelling with essential furniture and items needed by their clients as they begin their new start to life.


How you can help RufUs

Donate your Money, Time, or Furniture

Financial donations are our Lifeline, without which we could not operate. To make a donation, please click on the Donate button at the top of the page, You can also click the Ways you can Donate link in the top navigation menu to find out about volunteering and/or donating furniture..



Social Feed


RufUs Charity - Supporting the Homeless and victims of domestic violence

1 week 21 hours ago

The wonderful Elizabeth Crawley arrived at the Rufus warehouse today delivering an additional 10 Bags for Blokes.
Elizabeth, with the support of her family and friends collects the items of men's toiletries, t-shirts, jocks and socks for the bags.
We know that these bags are well received by the gentleman that get them and one of the biggest bonuses is that everything in the bag is brand-new.
Thanks again to Elizabeth and all who support her.

RufUs Charity - Supporting the Homeless and victims of domestic violence

1 week 22 hours ago

With only two and a half weeks to go we are doing as much as we can to deliver as many items as possible before we close for Christmas.
The delivery requests are coming in steadily and at this stage we only have a few more delivery slots left for the entire year.
So far this week we have assisted a number of families we both small and large loads and a scheduled to do two more deliveries on Friday as well.
Luckily the warehouse is well stocked and we are able to provide most items that are being requested. We will be accepting more donations in the new year so that we can continue to provide our service in 2023.

RufUs Charity - Supporting the Homeless and victims of domestic violence

2 weeks 17 hours ago

Well it's been non-stop November for us so far. We are doing our best to keep up with both deliveries and pickups as the demand for both has recently increased.
Our warehouse is well and truly full which means that we are able to provide most items that people request.
This week amongst other deliveries we were able to assist a young mum and her baby. We provided most household items including a table and chairs, a bed, mattress and linen,
He also able to provide a fridge and washing machine and found a lovely Teddy to also pass on to the baby.
Given that we have been so busy, our drivers are doing an additional day tomorrow as we were not able to complete all of our deliveries today. A HUGE thank you to both Maurice and Michael for their willingness to help out tomorrow.

RufUs Charity - Supporting the Homeless and victims of domestic violence

3 weeks 17 hours ago

Hi everyone and thanks to those of you who were able to help us out with beds and mattresses recently.
We still have a few scheduled for collection however that makes enough to get us through until the end of the year.
In fact our warehouse is over full and we are now only accepting donations of white goods like fridges and washing machines and microwaves, until the New Year.
Apart from this we have been continuing our deliveries and have a number scheduled for the coming week 6. With only 5 weeks until we close for the year, we are trying to do as many deliveries as possible before we take our Christmas break.