How RufUs Helps the Homeless

Homelessness can & does happen to anyone

Anyone can fall victim to homelessness. For example, victims of domestic violence, the unemployed, mental disability as well as other reasons too numerous to mention.

RufUs works closely with many other charities/organizations that find housing accommodation for their clients. RufUs fits out the dwelling with essential furniture and items needed by their clients as they begin their new start to life.


How you can help RufUs

Donate your Money, Time, or Furniture

Financial donations are our Lifeline, without which we could not operate. To make a donation, please click on the Donate button at the top of the page, You can also click the Ways you can Donate link in the top navigation menu to find out about volunteering and/or donating furniture..



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RufUs Charity - Supporting the Homeless and victims of domestic violence

6 days 7 minutes ago

Well today we were able to finish the other half of a very large delivery to a family of 5.
We were able to provide them with a couch, and an almost brand new fridge, a wardrobe and dressing table, a dining table and six chairs.
We were also able to provide a kitchen starter pack with lots of extra bits and pieces that will be handy for their household.
We were also able to give them a large TV which we hope the children will really appreciate.
Thanks to all at roofers who work together to make this happen.

RufUs Charity - Supporting the Homeless and victims of domestic violence

1 week 1 day ago

Here we go again. Another week and another set of deliveries. We are starting the week helping a family with 5 children who need a queen bed, a single bed, a king single bed and a set of bunk beds. And we were able to provide them with all the mattresses they needed plus linen, blankets and pillows.
But that's not all. This is a two-part delivery and on Wednesday we will be providing a fridge, dining table and chairs, wardrobes, bedside tables, kitchen pack and many other useful household items.
Last week we were also able to make a number of deliveries and improved the comfort and quality of a number of families lives.
The following pics show you some of the other deliveries we have done recently.

RufUs Charity - Supporting the Homeless and victims of domestic violence

2 weeks 5 days ago

When the phone rings at Rufus, it's hard to know what to expect. Sometimes it's a homeless person needing help, sometimes it's someone needing help in a domestic violence situation, sometimes it's a social worker organising help for a client and sometimes it's someone offering us a donation of furniture and household items. Today we had a surprising phone call from a kindly woman called Robin, who's daughter and partner recently became engaged and instead of asking for presents for themselves they asked their guests to bring gifts to give to Rufus. We were incredibly appreciative of this thoughtfulness and generosity. As you will see from the photos, this lovely group of people donated sheets and quilt covers, pots and pans, broom and dustpan, towels and throw rugs and many other items, all new and still in their packaging including the lovely cushions. From all of us at Rufus we

RufUs Charity - Supporting the Homeless and victims of domestic violence

1 month 1 week ago

It's not every week that we get asked to support a family of 8, but from time to time it does happen, and this week was one of those.
Today we delivered number of household items including a large dining table and 8 chairs, dressing table with mirror, 2 chests of drawers, 2 bedside tables, a small mountain of linen and blankets, as well as towels and a kitchen pack with lots of extras in it.
The delivery drivers said that the family were very happy to see them and the children wanted to help to carry the items from the van inside the house.
It looks like this is a family that works together as well as plays together. We wish them all the best and hope that the items they received from RufUs are helpful and useful.