Please read the instructions on this page before downloading the RufUs delivery form for your client(s)

Please Note: If this form is not filled out correctly or is incomplete , it will be returned to you for rectification before it can be processed by RufUs.

This form is a hybrid PDF form which is to be filled out digitally (i.e. typed, not handwritten) by the agency wishing items for their client. Once the agency has digitally filled out this form and returned it to RufUS will then contact you by phone to complete the other sections on the form and arrange a delivery date.

Please follow the instructions for filling out this form so that the volunteers at RufUs can more accurately and quickly fill your client’s request for items. By following the instructions below you will make it much easier for RufUs volunteers to be able to read and interpret your clients requests.

  1. Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the form are compulsory
  2. Section 7 is optional and is for use if there are additional comments the Agency would like to make known to RufUs.

Below is a sample image of a filled out form. Please refer to this image if you need a visual reference on how to fill out this form.

Please click the button below to download the Client Delivery Form

Once downloaded please fill out the form as shown above and email that form as an attachment